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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my lucky 23

so it's been like 3 days past of my b'day...the lucky 23 that i haved hoped for....hurmm lets see...biasanya ak akn dpt bnyk hadiah klu ak dok kt uma..but this time my b'day ms ak tgh study....soo mmg tak harap ap2 hadiah pon...but i got something that i really wanted...that ak igt sgt ssh nk dpt...ap? hehe...kjp lg ak it starts the day b4...biasa nya ak akn dpt this time..ak nk wat bg laen sket..better to give then accept ak beli bunga ros 3 with a pink heart..kebtulan lak mlm tu bole tetido n tlupa nk whisper to hrp2 tu dpt redem my wrongs...then ak try buat laksa coz ak tau si dia suka mkn laksa..her fav food...for the first time wat laksa..and yess..ak mmg tak suka bau ikan...but niat dh ad buat la...kul 6 pg kopek2 isi ikan smpi nk termuntah2 sbb bau tol ak ngan hanyir ikan nie...after n tdo kjp coz dh penin..then tros ke uma my sis utk msk..smbil on the phone with my mum bg cara2 membuat..alhamdulialh nsib dia kata telebih asam sket..hehe...tape try and error...lps nie okyh kot...mybe la...then after all that i saw a smile...cantik sgt...but that was not enough...mlm tu, the night of mybday..after most of my family n friend dh wish..i though it was going to be the worst bday ever...coz dr mlm tu smpi ke pg asyik kena mrh je ngan suma org..haiss.....ak nie da la jenis yg tak suka kena mrh sbb pnt nk control temper nie...ssh ouh...then esk nyer dpt chance nk kuar dgn si dia and i got choclet dr fav ouh!..jln2..niat nk maen ice skating tp ta jd..adoii...laen kali then b4 nk ke kL tu,,some thing happend...kwn si dia ad prob..i know that person is one of the most important person to her...seeing dia risau dlm keta was not an option yg ak bole trima coz it was my birthday..ak nk everything to be happy...lps berbincang...tros shoot ke melaka...alhamduliah dlm perjalanan muka yg risau tu beransur senyum...the best birthday presnt for my 23rd lucky day is 

~bila dpt tengok si dia tersenyum gembira..kat muka dia nampk yg dia sgt happy bila dpt jumpa kwn dia..seolah2 dia lupa tros all the prob..and everything yg was like her fairytale..always happy~ 

my b'day wish is to see her happy and always smile...syukur..on that day..i got the chance to help her smile and see that happiness inside her yg lama tak nmpk...and that the imposible b'day wish that finally came true...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

berpegang teguh

sy nie kadang bukan nyer betol sgt..mcm2 dibuat..muahhaha..maklum skli everything must be done....but one thing sy blaja dr hidup slma nie..ialah never give up....and sy akn ttp berpegang teguh...walpon bnyk kali jatuh n rebah..ill just sapu tangan..bangun..dan jalan blik..tak kira la ap yg jadi..ill always stick to my promise wlpon ap yg org igt kan yang sabar ada ganjaran harap dgn kesabaran yg ad skrg nie insyaallah ad la ganjaran utk sy... so simple words... never back down..never give life to the max....

try and keep me down ill just keep on comeing..!

Friday, September 7, 2012

rayuan hati kecil ku

it hard when u feel far from someone....ssh sgt bila dah betol2 sayang sgt..then something happens...what i feel now is the same just like u felt b4....hati tak tenang...resah..misrble without you..just cant take my mind of you...sentisa pikir kan psl kamu...i just want us to be mcm selalu blik...happy..jokeing around...having a nice smile..a nice day...harap2 dapat la peluang mcm berdoa agar terbuka hati kmu utk bg peluang tu kmbali...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

..of Forgetting and Remembering ( reblog)


to pray
to live
to love
to forgive
to smile
to laugh
to dream
to think
to work hard
to persevere
to stay calm
to loosen up
to chill
to take a break
 to follow your hearts desire
to dream

things that upset you
embarrassing moments
things that don't matter

live life to the best,enjoy to the max!

(reblog from peice of chit)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

only time can tell

every one has their story... when they meet the person of their dreams...
the one girl that can make the heart beat fast and slow at the sametime...
dup dap dup dap...the moment when the heart skip a beat...
she's just normal girl..mcm gadis2 laen..tapi theres something diffrent..something special
yg boleh membuat kan hati nie tertarik...pertama kali jumpa..nk ditegur..tapi tak taw mcm mn nk stat..
mcm mn klu kena reject...mcm mn itu..mcm mn ini..mcm2 bermain di kepala...
loves whens shes was like seeing an angel..
time past..and became di kepala nie..still there more or is this it...?
bcoz shes alredy more than a many things to say..but words just hard to come out..and always get things wrong when it matters..
guys do stupid things when their in love..but still keep will this possibly end..
only time can tell this tale....

*ajal maut jodoh pertemuan semua di tangan tuhan...kita manusia hnya mampu berusha dan berdoa... ill always keep my prays and my fingers crossed for that better possibilty

Friday, August 31, 2012


the month of September or bulan 9 is just around the corner..esk..! yeay!...ive been waiting for a very special month for me...coz i really like september...23 is my lucky number..and this year is my 23rd b'day on the 23 of september...wuuhuuuu what a great number.hope this year it gives me lots of happyness.. so this is why u like septmber..

  1. it my birthday month and its my 23
  2. ive been lucky so far on september..something good alwys happens on this month ( really hope it stays that way)
  3. lastly is it been a while almost 2 month since i meet with that someone..and september has aways been a marker that is near..really finally get to meet that someone again...

thats for now...

**my september wish is that only one thing...the only thing that i want more then anything in the whole being with that special someone 

Monday, August 27, 2012

i am who i am...

 im just a simple simple as i can be...nothing interesting about me or my only became interesting when i meet that some this is who i am... 
im not as good looking or cute as 
and also not as rich and famous as

to fight the look and charm of  
mmg tak la kan....

then to make people melt and to be a great pastry chef like 
only in my dreams la....

i really got nothing special to offer just simple guy..with a simple life..that cant promise money or the world..but what i can promise is ill do my best to make that person happy..and to love with all my heart...coz when i say those words..i really mean it.. =)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

much better when have my inspiration...

hehe..dlm hidup nie..kita nak wat ap2 pon kena ad ilham...dr mcm2 tempat ilham tu yg dok kat yg isap yg yg kena gi tempat yg ad sceane yg menarik..mcm2 my inspiration..bukan la tempat mahu pon inspiration adalah seseorg.....hehe..sapa?ad yg dah taw sapa..and ad yg tak tahu..but etheir way...she is my inspiration yg sgt2 membantu....i can skecth pictures because of her...i now can play music and abit confident to play to people ( wlpon blom depan2 and just utk dia sorg je) but still it's progress...i love to eat and cook...and dia ttp mnjadi ilham utk sy masak..doing things and cooking things yg dia pernah sebut..pernah cakap..trying new thing just to impress her..walaupoon tak reti nk masak sgt pon..but ill try my best..mcm2 da dibuat...apam polkadot...pavlova...kuih2..after this mcm2 lagi nk dibuat...hehe...cant wait...thank you becuse you inspire me so much..*you know who u are...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

keputusan yang susah...

ssh bila kadang2 kita kena buat kputusan yg kita tak very afraid of the doctors...lantak la org nk ckp i utk buat something like that mmg susah..ap ntah lg nk masuk bilik bedah...oit..tak nk la..tak cukup kuat sy... blom mampu ke tahap tu lagi..macam2 bermain di kpla otak bila pikir kan benda tu....mcm mn klu slh potong.bedarah teruk..mcm mn klu sy panik..ap yg akn jadi..mcm mn klu sakit..ap bole buat...mcm mn klu mati?! haa..blom readay lg nk mati..mmg la kita bila2 bole dicabut crossed my mind..bnyk bnda lg yg sy tak buat...haiss.... for now mmg keputusan nk go on tu tak de... tp kalau la ditakdir kan utk nyawa dicabut...ak hnya berdoa...and only two things that will always be my   pray...which is pnjang kan umur dan murah kn rezki keluarga ku and berikanlah ak kesempatan utk atleast merasa kasih sayang dr seseorg wat kali terakhir......

*agak over and melampau utk pikir mcm tu..but im really scared...takot yg teramat sangat...tuhan je yang tahu

no guts no glory it's like this...kita nk wat ap2 kita kena brani..brani buat..brani trima risiko...even the most simple things kadang2 bole jadi susah..for example saying those 3 word...yeah suma org taw kan..3 so meaning full words...for other people i dont now..but for me it's really hard...before this it took me almost 4 years to get the courge..kebaranian nk ckp the 3 word kat some one before i was betol2 ready..tapi malangnya tak sempat nk cakap pon kat org may be just ketentuan dan takdir...may be she was not really the one for me..sbb tu hati saya tak sikit pon terdetik kan ckp the 3 word kat wat just faith for us to be just more then tu suma adalah sejarah lama...but to say those 3 words is really hard.. finaly after almost 6 years not saying it to anyone...finally i got the guts nk ucap kat this special someone...mybe i really had fall in love with this one..thats y ad kebranian nk mngucap kan kata tu...and i went just shooting in the blind..i dont care what the result is if sy ckp 3 word to kat org tu...but that was the risk i was willing to take..then last really felt through my heart that i really really do.... I LOVE YOU !

"no worries no regrets nothing can change it..your worth putting my life on the line"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

what a night...

hopeing for the best is what we all want right...but tonite is not one of the best of my nite...i eassily get streess...sometimes i dont know it..but biasanya bnyk tanda2..suma yg dibuat tak kena..abis suma barang2 jatuh..and mlm happend again...stress abit..abis playing the guitar in a not so happy's fun but not good...putus tali..luka jari and berbekas tangan sbb tali bidas bila putus..haiss..just my it's okyh..harap2 suka akan okyh blik..nak raya dah kan..

give me even 1000 reason to leave...ill try find atlest one reason to stay ill never leave you ill never give up!

life right...haiss

well thats life day..that person can be ur friend..the other day..that person can stab you in the back..harsh word i got from my friend..haiss..c'mon la..u asked advice from me..i told you the truth and i get crap out of you...yess memang ak pon tak berjaya lagi dalam hidup ak..but im trying...wlpon ad certain2 things yang di cakap macam betol but it all can change...yer ak taw ak blom layak nak bercakap isu cinta,bcoz ak sendiri pon tak betol lg..yess mmg ak tak de org yang sayang ak..and  ak tak layak dapat kasih sayang dari sapa2..but atleast ak cuba utk bg kasih sayang kat org2 yang ak sayang....mmg ak bodoh sbb buat ap yang ak stiap bnda ak buat suma ad sebab....

to love and to be loved mmg diigin kan oleh suma orang...tak suma yg bertuah dapat...
friendship is for ever thats what friends are for.."once my friend always my friend"

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

always a first for eveything..

hehe..dalam hidup nie macam ad..and macam2 kita bole cuba...and betol la..mmg kn ad first utk apa2 pon..tak kenal maka tak cinta biasa nya kita takut nk buat something yg kita tak bila ad someone yang mendorong...baru kita ad this is one of the situattions...semanjak dari ak kecik lagi..kakak aku slalu anta kad raya kat kawan2 dia..saudara2..ak pon teringin gak dlu..tapi dr dulu ak tak penah anta kad raya kat sapa2 pon dlm hidup ak....sbb nya ak tak yakin...maklum la..tulisan ak malu bila nk anta...selalu comot..and bila tak cantik tak jadi la anta..klu ak bukak blik dlm almari ak tu..abnyak kad2 raya yang ak dh tulis tp tak penah anta..smpi la ke suatu hari tu...which is arie ahad tau that special someone really likes klu dpt kad raya..exicted sy tgk dia becerita kat twitter sy pon ambik keputusan utk anta my first ever kad raya...yup..seumur hidup saya 1 kad raya tu je yang betol2 sy anta and alhamdulilah smpi kat tmpt yg patot didtuju...suka bila dpt taw yg kad tu dah it makes me happy...mybe thats the first...and hope raya2 akan datang sy bole anta lg kad raya kat kamu...

*u have inspired me so do things that i never thought i can do..benda2 yg saya tak mampu buat..tapi bila sy pikir bole buat... u truely are my inspiration... =)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

challenge accepted

ini la org cakap dugaan...mmg betol2 menduga..i really felt a stab on my chest when i heard that from you...but it a risk that im willing to dh buat janji pada diri sndri yang saya tak akn kalah and akn cuba so that i wont lose anything i love again... so ill fight until my last breath.... ap yg jadi td sy anggap satu cabaran...and sy akan cuba sedaya upaya...ill never give up..wlpon sy terpaksa start dari mula blik nk bg kamu sayang saya blik.... ill never lose hope bcoz i love you so much....

i love you before..i love you now..and i ll love you until my last breath.... 

a tear drop on a keyboard....

soo..have you ever felt that you love someone with all your's the best feeling right...but sometimes not everyone is's okyh...if you really love someone it's the feeling of seeing that person happy is what love is all i really love that someone..and for the past 5 days ive been trying to play a quite hard for my level...but for the past 5 day..i couldnt play it at all..sikit pon tak bole...then just now because of sumthing that happend..i tried and play it once more..hands are shaking...and this time i really played it with my heart...selamat jadi..and a single tear drop feel on my keyboard while i was playing...ironic right... i played that simple song for that special someone that i really love.. "as long as you love me"

Saturday, August 4, 2012

dont wanna lose any more was a bit hard on me..i finally a part of my life that it very important for me... who i am..what i like..what i love...i had to past it..and i mybe can never do it today i have accept the fact..and it okyh..but i promise my self that starting from today..ill fight and defend for what i love and like with my life...i dont want to lose anything anymore.... especially the things and people i love.... this is my promise and my hope...i make sure that my  life will be great.... i dont want to lose...especially lose you...

never give up

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

its like magic...

 so it was talking...smbil2 nak tido tu..dok sembang...pasal aurora... yup..aurora borealis..cantik sangat...teringin nak tgk betul... tu la magic yg betul2 ad kat dunia nie ad some pic yg smpt cr kt google td.
yang nie aurora sebalik awan... suka sgt yg nie
this one kat iceland
cantik kan....yg nie kat norway
not sure kt mn..but still cantik..
ice land 

Monday, July 30, 2012

a imagination...a smile... =)

what made that smile?'s just  seeing a special someone happy...seeing her smile...while she's wearing the

under a perfect bright and beautiful 

dancing around at 

wow...imagination really gone wild..hehe..but tak salah berangan kan..mybe just mybe one day ill get the chance to really make that dream a reality..who knows kan... pray for the best..fingers day..ill make it  happen...(loki's to do list)

" tak salah berangan sebab setiap kejayaan bermula dengan angan2"

Saturday, July 28, 2012

i had a bad day

soo arienie was not the best was kindda a bad day for me...woke up..with a bit off missunderstanding with that special someone.....tried to make it better but turned out to be worst....i did wrong to make things worst..i should of just shut tak bole..i tried nak biar kan je..and let you rest...but i couldnt say calm..tak senang duduk..tak senang bediri...i felt miserable thinking about making you not happy..haiss...what a fool i am....i was spose to make u happy..but i did not..bengong sy nie. so i deserved what happend to me today.... kamo tak ckp ngan sy skejep..that was really hard....haiss..i dont know klu saya bole tahan not speaking to you one for one day.. that wold be the worst..tak sanggup sy..for that saya mintak maaf sangat2..and thenn coolen fan lappy patah sebab terpijak..that was a really bad chain of events.....kelam kabut sangat...terpijak coolen tersentak..langar wayar keyboard..keyboard tertarik and jatuh ats guitar tak sempat nak sambut..then guitar this really is a bad day for me..and hope that tonite will be much better and tommorow can be much much better than this just a memory..and ap dah jadi..dah jadi dah pon..i want to foget about this.. and start fresh tmorrow...  

"anything happens just keep smiling"

Friday, July 27, 2012

it's a wonderful life....

what more to ask for than being alive everyday..with the people you love..that are closed to you..and there are some people that you love that might be far away in distance but alwys you feel that there are closed to you...even very thankfull for what i have now...i have a great family..and i have that special someone....hehe..nothign i ask more in life then for the people i love to be in the pink of health and always happy.... it a wonderfull life after all....

"live life to the max be happy and happiness can bring a smile "

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

le moon ( laaa bulan) ah ah ah

so tadi pasang lampu kelam kelip kat dpn umah..smbil2 pnjat tangga tu tgk kat langit...nmpk bulan...walaupon tak sparuh..ttp besar...and stiap kali tegok bulan teringat that special someone...coz bulan sgt bnyk terjadi ngan bulan...hehe...bulan teman sy blik sorg2...and tadi yang betol2 buat sy tersenyum bila tgk bulan separuh mcm short story before tgk cita brave...LA MOON...cita yg tak dijangka....igt kan cita pasal ap..but rupa2 cita pasl bulan..tersenyum saya tgk cita tu..then bila tgk bulan td..dlm otak..pikir..ouh org tua tu ngan bsk tu dah start kemas bulan...heheh....

so klu nak tau la moon tu cita ap..just google up cita tu.n tgk mcm mn dr bulan penuh nk jadi bulan sabit...hahah..funny short story... 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

got new name.....

since i was little...macam2 nama sy yg familly yg kawan2 yg sgt special..and ad yg sy tak suka these are the names yg org penah pnggil sy...(ad yg kena rahsia)

nama biasa
  1.  syed
  2.  shahrizal
  3. budin

nama tak berapa biasa
  1. mamu
  2. loki
  3. arab
  4. izzy
nama yang saya tak suka tapi lekat jugak

  1. goyang

lastly nama yg sgt special..only one person calls me by that name..

  1. BEAR

Monday, July 23, 2012


23 is my lucky number...macam2 dah jadi with the number 23....first skali it my birth day..23 thats the real reason y i like 23...n it been lucky for me ever since...soo ap lg yg 23 skolh dlu..jersi basket ball number 23....pernah dapat no 23 dlm pertandingan kawad negri(huh? no 23 pon nak bangga?) muahahha...then motocross sy no 23...kat skolh ms dlm kelas..exam selalu dpt no 2 or 3...bole laa kira..sbb ad 23 dkt2,,muahahha....lagi ap ea....ouh the most important thing that i really like about 23 the age of 23..i finally got the chance to get to know u..and that far most the best and the luckiest off them all...meeting you..that change my life..LUCKY ME...

thank you, you came at the best time... GLAD YOU CAME into my life.... =)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

just like a movie...

pernah tak ad org tanya..knp suka kat seseorg tu..n ssh sgt nak jwb..sbb at that time kita tak tau pon knp kita suka org tu...i just happend kan....out of nowhere tiba2 perasaan tu datang that what happend to me.... jujur bercakap( or menulis) sy tak tau ms bila sy stat suka kat dia..i just happend one day...bila tiba..everything just happend...i falled far that heart skip a beat bila jumpa dia...OMG...i really like her....fuyoooo...i got nervous...tangan berpeluh...ssh nk ckp..muka merah..malu...but i tried to hold all that..simpan..maluu ouh kalu dia tau..but like i said..i hv no secrets with you..anything i do..ill tell..coz i dont want to hide anything from you..and at the end you gettign to know things from other people..thats bad..and thats not me... so back to the story..since i became close to life was like  a movie..everthing went so happy..perfect.. it something that i dont want to i hope that i can get the chance to keep falling for you over and over again as long as i know u...coz nothing will make me more happier than to be with you... 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

it makes me warm inside...

hurmm...ap bole buat...jauh kan...haiyooo.mnjang kena buli's good being bullied by some one you makes u feel i still cant nail the song...still got that nervous feeling inside of me..but sikit demi starting to feel comfortable with you hearing while im it maybe a really good sign..hope that one day i can play perfectly for you..and i can see that smile on your face when i play a song for you..i would really hope that happens... fingers crossed...

thank you... u really mean alot to me

sooo..dah masuk bulan ramadhan...n since the last 6 years...bulan puasa nie..alwys has a happy and sad time for me...b4 this ak selalu rindu arwah nenek n atuk...especially time2 ramadhan nie ak rindu atuk ak...coz still fresh in my bulan puasa la dia meniggal dunia...haiss..rindu dia sangat2..ak cuma mampu terima and sedekah al-fatihah je kat since the last 6 years..awal2 puasa nie.mmg terasa rindu kat dia...


that y i always make my self bussy during these times...and lucky for me..i have someone by my side to make sure im not to know who u are.and im really glad i have you in my life..u make me strong... =)

Thursday, July 19, 2012


let's see...bored..n trying to do sumthing fun...

so sweet heart..i like you "JUST THE WAY YOU ARE".. because thats "WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL"...and im really "GLAD YOU CAME" into my make me always "TALKING TO THE MOON" and your "SMILE" tells me everything because it just "MORE THEN WORD"  seeing your face make me "MOVE LIKE JAGGER" dancing to the "RHYTHM OF LOVE"  and one day i hope that i can "MARRY YOU" it's just because i think were just the "PERFECT TWO"...

muahahha..those are my songs that i always play...
(*my gudnyte playlist ad 3 lagu je for now (-^_^-) tu pon da cukup utk buat sy tido lena )


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

when you say you do nothing..really??

when i say that u have done so much for me..u always say that u have done here are some things that i can think of happens to me when i meet you...
1) i stoped smoking (just becose i want to be with you, i have told you before this why i do)

2) i can now wake up early in the moring ( just to hear your voice)

3) i much more happier now when im with you ( it's becoz you make me smile,we laugh,we sing nothing make me more happier)

4) you inspire me alot... ( i draw,i play music, just to impress you..bcoz there is a reason finally i can do things yg sy ta bole buat sebelum i know..i just need a reason..n that reason is you..)

5) you make me storng ( coz sy kena jadi time when u need me most..ill be there..ill be strong coz i know ill try my best to protect you

6) you comfort me when i have problems... ( a great listener and alwys know how to cheer me up)

7) You make me smile and stay by my side at my worst times and my happy times ( nothing can i ask more than that)

8) you worry about me( which will alwys make me be more carefull when doing anything so i wont make u worry)

9)sometimes you miss me ( how a wonderfull feeling it makes me to have to know that)

10 ) kamo sayang saya ( it hard to have someone yang sayang kan kita,..n sy sgt2 bersyukur sbb ad jugak org yg nk sayang kt sy yg serba kekurangan nie...

11)u have finally made onething that i have lost for a while...hati saya..u have manage utk buat pintu hati sy terbukak blik utk trima sesorg dlm hidup sy...n i know i made the best choice when chooseing you to me the one for me...

so ini je dlu...klu nk ikot kn sy...pnjg lg list ill leave it until there sweetheart...u have done so much for me...and i really appricate it n very thankfull to have someone like you in mylife..


stupid me

adehhh...gilo tol pala otak ak nie....thinking things that im not spose to think...but what can i hard not thinking of you...every day..every morning...every nite..every sec im thinking of you.....that y m really afraid of looseing you..coz i dont think i can do that....soo a few questions was ask and answered last nite...even ad yg jwpn still i did't get what i want...tapi there are certain2 improvement...the way kamo jwb tu can atlest make me smile..coz i can see that my effort is paying off and im doing the right thing...and i can see a bit of hope for me..n i really hope that this works out between us..soo ill keep this until my secret date and i hope ull be ready as i am ready... with all my heart... i LOVE YOU

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The empty hole...

once was an empty hole inside my it's fill with something so so breath taking..which is YOU! yes you...thank you for all you have done for me...i really appreciate it.. you are already someone special to me..u already taken my heart away..and i really hope that i can be ur special someone too... my finger are always crossed hopeing for that day where u can finally accept me as your someone..someone that's yours..that you can be proud of when ill still save these questions.. and hopeing when the time really comes the anwers to my questions will be ad confident "YES!" from you..nothing will make me more happier that to hear those there letters..
My questions for these coming future that i hope for
1- will you Be Mine ?  

and if everything turn out well..i will for sure ask your hand..and ask the last question for you to answer..
2- Will you Marry Me?

*fingers always crossed and hopeing from the best for me and you..
"i may not be the best.. but for You ill try my best to be one"

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My new Fav Song....

Talking Too the Moon - Bruno Mars
I know you're somewhere out there
Somewhere far away
I want you back
I want you back
My neighbors think
I'm crazy
But they don't understand
You're all I have
You're all I have


At night when the stars
light up my room
I sit by myself

Talking to the Moon
Try to get to You
In hopes you're on
the other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
who sits alone
Talking to the moon

I'm feeling like I'm famous
The talk of the town
They say
I've gone mad
I've gone mad
But they don't know
what I know

Cause when the
sun goes down
someone's talking back
They're talking back


At night when the stars
light up my room
I sit by myself
Talking to the Moon
Try to get to You
In hopes you're on
the other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
who sits alone
Talking to the moon

Ahh Ahh,
Ahh Ahh,

Do you ever hear me calling?
Cause every night 
I'm talking to the moon
Still trying to get to you

In hopes you're on
the other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
who sits alone
Talking to the moon

I know you're somewhere out there
Somewhere far away

this song has a lot of meaning for me... it's the first song i ever played full on my guitar... nk dengar??  hehe..Tak bole...coz it's played specially for "her"..muahhahaha....n i have my own version for this song.. Thanks to you coz made it for me... BEST!!! makes me sleep well at nite when i miss u... =)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Di stalk oleh mereka....'s the finals...suma pon dah ngeng kat pala otak...but WHAT!! ad org stalk blog ak nie..muahaha.... thanks to mereka --->

Yesss...mereka dua nie...!! ashraf aidid n ahmad yusri...muahaha...congrats yus sbb jumpa blog ak... so post nie just utk korg... =P

*P/s.. tak kan stalk je...follow tros la..tak perlu stalk dh... mauhahahha...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



i did it wrong!! sigh~

okyh2..this time i screwed up a bit... i know i dit wrong by saying all those thing...but explaining what i mean is far harder then admitting i was if you ever stumble to my blog here is what i mean...
" i love the way how you act childish with among the reasons why i love you...but you acting like that n doing what you did  is not your your right n i was wrong not to support u.. i just dont want you to get hurt by your actions.. coz i care about you and you mean to much to me.." hope u understand waht i mean by this..i never felt to stop you being what u want to be..i ll alwys be by your side and support u right or wrong from now if you said bcoz of that "sayang kamo kt sy dh kurang" it just my chance to get back what i lost by starting from scratch..nothing will change ill still love you as much and much more...coz it gives me the chance to love you again..again.and again... peace~ 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

im just not good enough's so hard feeling this way....what to do..what to do..otoke! otoke!..ah ah ah...but i not that good? i could not make one girl happy for real...she maybe happy,but i know that happiness is not the true happiness.....can i make her happy? can i make her smile for no reason,? can i make her fall for me? evryday i pray  for strength to make me strong.....only time can tell the fingers are always crossed and hopeing that one day she will be mine.. =)

10 things i love about you

1) i love how i wake up evry morning and always see a "gud morning" text from you
2) i love how you always make me smile,with your nonsense and the sweet arguments we have because of nothing
3) i love how to call me with funny nicknames
4)i love when your soft hands touch my cheeks
5)i love it when you sing to me
6) i love to see your smile that shows your "lesung pipit"
7) i love it when you are so manja with me
8)i love when you always "teman" me when im doing my work or staying up late
9) i love it when you blush and laugh
10) i love evrything about that's because i really..really love you... =)

it all about the 3 word's's been so long since i bloged my im back again....but this very compilcated... it 's a feeling that i have long lost...the feeling of " being in LOVE"..i have been warned not to put all hope on it, because based on bad bad past time...but thats the risk i have and willing to take when im with her...i got no choice because my heart speaks louder then my brain...i really like this girl..i kinda love her with all my heart..but there is a problem where i may get her outside but i cant get her heart...haisssssssss............. it makes my head think a lot... will i ever get her to love me as i love her....or will i have to wait? if thats the case ill wait until i got no hope no more...pray for me k... ill always keep my fingers crossed.....