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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

only time can tell

every one has their story... when they meet the person of their dreams...
the one girl that can make the heart beat fast and slow at the sametime...
dup dap dup dap...the moment when the heart skip a beat...
she's just normal girl..mcm gadis2 laen..tapi theres something diffrent..something special
yg boleh membuat kan hati nie tertarik...pertama kali jumpa..nk ditegur..tapi tak taw mcm mn nk stat..
mcm mn klu kena reject...mcm mn itu..mcm mn ini..mcm2 bermain di kepala...
loves whens shes was like seeing an angel..
time past..and became di kepala nie..still there more or is this it...?
bcoz shes alredy more than a many things to say..but words just hard to come out..and always get things wrong when it matters..
guys do stupid things when their in love..but still keep will this possibly end..
only time can tell this tale....

*ajal maut jodoh pertemuan semua di tangan tuhan...kita manusia hnya mampu berusha dan berdoa... ill always keep my prays and my fingers crossed for that better possibilty

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