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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The empty hole...

once was an empty hole inside my it's fill with something so so breath taking..which is YOU! yes you...thank you for all you have done for me...i really appreciate it.. you are already someone special to me..u already taken my heart away..and i really hope that i can be ur special someone too... my finger are always crossed hopeing for that day where u can finally accept me as your someone..someone that's yours..that you can be proud of when ill still save these questions.. and hopeing when the time really comes the anwers to my questions will be ad confident "YES!" from you..nothing will make me more happier that to hear those there letters..
My questions for these coming future that i hope for
1- will you Be Mine ?  

and if everything turn out well..i will for sure ask your hand..and ask the last question for you to answer..
2- Will you Marry Me?

*fingers always crossed and hopeing from the best for me and you..
"i may not be the best.. but for You ill try my best to be one"

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