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Monday, July 23, 2012


23 is my lucky number...macam2 dah jadi with the number 23....first skali it my birth day..23 thats the real reason y i like 23...n it been lucky for me ever since...soo ap lg yg 23 skolh dlu..jersi basket ball number 23....pernah dapat no 23 dlm pertandingan kawad negri(huh? no 23 pon nak bangga?) muahahha...then motocross sy no 23...kat skolh ms dlm kelas..exam selalu dpt no 2 or 3...bole laa kira..sbb ad 23 dkt2,,muahahha....lagi ap ea....ouh the most important thing that i really like about 23 the age of 23..i finally got the chance to get to know u..and that far most the best and the luckiest off them all...meeting you..that change my life..LUCKY ME...

thank you, you came at the best time... GLAD YOU CAME into my life.... =)

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