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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

no guts no glory it's like this...kita nk wat ap2 kita kena brani..brani buat..brani trima risiko...even the most simple things kadang2 bole jadi susah..for example saying those 3 word...yeah suma org taw kan..3 so meaning full words...for other people i dont now..but for me it's really hard...before this it took me almost 4 years to get the courge..kebaranian nk ckp the 3 word kat some one before i was betol2 ready..tapi malangnya tak sempat nk cakap pon kat org may be just ketentuan dan takdir...may be she was not really the one for me..sbb tu hati saya tak sikit pon terdetik kan ckp the 3 word kat wat just faith for us to be just more then tu suma adalah sejarah lama...but to say those 3 words is really hard.. finaly after almost 6 years not saying it to anyone...finally i got the guts nk ucap kat this special someone...mybe i really had fall in love with this one..thats y ad kebranian nk mngucap kan kata tu...and i went just shooting in the blind..i dont care what the result is if sy ckp 3 word to kat org tu...but that was the risk i was willing to take..then last really felt through my heart that i really really do.... I LOVE YOU !

"no worries no regrets nothing can change it..your worth putting my life on the line"

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