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Saturday, August 18, 2012

life right...haiss

well thats life day..that person can be ur friend..the other day..that person can stab you in the back..harsh word i got from my friend..haiss..c'mon la..u asked advice from me..i told you the truth and i get crap out of you...yess memang ak pon tak berjaya lagi dalam hidup ak..but im trying...wlpon ad certain2 things yang di cakap macam betol but it all can change...yer ak taw ak blom layak nak bercakap isu cinta,bcoz ak sendiri pon tak betol lg..yess mmg ak tak de org yang sayang ak..and  ak tak layak dapat kasih sayang dari sapa2..but atleast ak cuba utk bg kasih sayang kat org2 yang ak sayang....mmg ak bodoh sbb buat ap yang ak stiap bnda ak buat suma ad sebab....

to love and to be loved mmg diigin kan oleh suma orang...tak suma yg bertuah dapat...
friendship is for ever thats what friends are for.."once my friend always my friend"


  1. kalau rasa bodoh dgn apa yg kmu bwt, so stop it.

    1. yess..i know.and dh stop dah..tak guna lg tolong org yg tak reti nk respect org laen...


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