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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

when you say you do nothing..really??

when i say that u have done so much for me..u always say that u have done here are some things that i can think of happens to me when i meet you...
1) i stoped smoking (just becose i want to be with you, i have told you before this why i do)

2) i can now wake up early in the moring ( just to hear your voice)

3) i much more happier now when im with you ( it's becoz you make me smile,we laugh,we sing nothing make me more happier)

4) you inspire me alot... ( i draw,i play music, just to impress you..bcoz there is a reason finally i can do things yg sy ta bole buat sebelum i know..i just need a reason..n that reason is you..)

5) you make me storng ( coz sy kena jadi time when u need me most..ill be there..ill be strong coz i know ill try my best to protect you

6) you comfort me when i have problems... ( a great listener and alwys know how to cheer me up)

7) You make me smile and stay by my side at my worst times and my happy times ( nothing can i ask more than that)

8) you worry about me( which will alwys make me be more carefull when doing anything so i wont make u worry)

9)sometimes you miss me ( how a wonderfull feeling it makes me to have to know that)

10 ) kamo sayang saya ( it hard to have someone yang sayang kan kita,..n sy sgt2 bersyukur sbb ad jugak org yg nk sayang kt sy yg serba kekurangan nie...

11)u have finally made onething that i have lost for a while...hati saya..u have manage utk buat pintu hati sy terbukak blik utk trima sesorg dlm hidup sy...n i know i made the best choice when chooseing you to me the one for me...

so ini je dlu...klu nk ikot kn sy...pnjg lg list ill leave it until there sweetheart...u have done so much for me...and i really appricate it n very thankfull to have someone like you in mylife..


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