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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my lucky 23

so it's been like 3 days past of my b'day...the lucky 23 that i haved hoped for....hurmm lets see...biasanya ak akn dpt bnyk hadiah klu ak dok kt uma..but this time my b'day ms ak tgh study....soo mmg tak harap ap2 hadiah pon...but i got something that i really wanted...that ak igt sgt ssh nk dpt...ap? hehe...kjp lg ak it starts the day b4...biasa nya ak akn dpt this time..ak nk wat bg laen sket..better to give then accept ak beli bunga ros 3 with a pink heart..kebtulan lak mlm tu bole tetido n tlupa nk whisper to hrp2 tu dpt redem my wrongs...then ak try buat laksa coz ak tau si dia suka mkn laksa..her fav food...for the first time wat laksa..and yess..ak mmg tak suka bau ikan...but niat dh ad buat la...kul 6 pg kopek2 isi ikan smpi nk termuntah2 sbb bau tol ak ngan hanyir ikan nie...after n tdo kjp coz dh penin..then tros ke uma my sis utk msk..smbil on the phone with my mum bg cara2 membuat..alhamdulialh nsib dia kata telebih asam sket..hehe...tape try and error...lps nie okyh kot...mybe la...then after all that i saw a smile...cantik sgt...but that was not enough...mlm tu, the night of mybday..after most of my family n friend dh wish..i though it was going to be the worst bday ever...coz dr mlm tu smpi ke pg asyik kena mrh je ngan suma org..haiss.....ak nie da la jenis yg tak suka kena mrh sbb pnt nk control temper nie...ssh ouh...then esk nyer dpt chance nk kuar dgn si dia and i got choclet dr fav ouh!..jln2..niat nk maen ice skating tp ta jd..adoii...laen kali then b4 nk ke kL tu,,some thing happend...kwn si dia ad prob..i know that person is one of the most important person to her...seeing dia risau dlm keta was not an option yg ak bole trima coz it was my birthday..ak nk everything to be happy...lps berbincang...tros shoot ke melaka...alhamduliah dlm perjalanan muka yg risau tu beransur senyum...the best birthday presnt for my 23rd lucky day is 

~bila dpt tengok si dia tersenyum gembira..kat muka dia nampk yg dia sgt happy bila dpt jumpa kwn dia..seolah2 dia lupa tros all the prob..and everything yg was like her fairytale..always happy~ 

my b'day wish is to see her happy and always smile...syukur..on that day..i got the chance to help her smile and see that happiness inside her yg lama tak nmpk...and that the imposible b'day wish that finally came true...

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