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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

i did it wrong!! sigh~

okyh2..this time i screwed up a bit... i know i dit wrong by saying all those thing...but explaining what i mean is far harder then admitting i was if you ever stumble to my blog here is what i mean...
" i love the way how you act childish with among the reasons why i love you...but you acting like that n doing what you did  is not your your right n i was wrong not to support u.. i just dont want you to get hurt by your actions.. coz i care about you and you mean to much to me.." hope u understand waht i mean by this..i never felt to stop you being what u want to be..i ll alwys be by your side and support u right or wrong from now if you said bcoz of that "sayang kamo kt sy dh kurang" it just my chance to get back what i lost by starting from scratch..nothing will change ill still love you as much and much more...coz it gives me the chance to love you again..again.and again... peace~ 

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