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Saturday, August 18, 2012

what a night...

hopeing for the best is what we all want right...but tonite is not one of the best of my nite...i eassily get streess...sometimes i dont know it..but biasanya bnyk tanda2..suma yg dibuat tak kena..abis suma barang2 jatuh..and mlm happend again...stress abit..abis playing the guitar in a not so happy's fun but not good...putus tali..luka jari and berbekas tangan sbb tali bidas bila putus..haiss..just my it's okyh..harap2 suka akan okyh blik..nak raya dah kan..

give me even 1000 reason to leave...ill try find atlest one reason to stay ill never leave you ill never give up!

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