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Saturday, July 28, 2012

i had a bad day

soo arienie was not the best was kindda a bad day for me...woke up..with a bit off missunderstanding with that special someone.....tried to make it better but turned out to be worst....i did wrong to make things worst..i should of just shut tak bole..i tried nak biar kan je..and let you rest...but i couldnt say calm..tak senang duduk..tak senang bediri...i felt miserable thinking about making you not happy..haiss...what a fool i am....i was spose to make u happy..but i did not..bengong sy nie. so i deserved what happend to me today.... kamo tak ckp ngan sy skejep..that was really hard....haiss..i dont know klu saya bole tahan not speaking to you one for one day.. that wold be the worst..tak sanggup sy..for that saya mintak maaf sangat2..and thenn coolen fan lappy patah sebab terpijak..that was a really bad chain of events.....kelam kabut sangat...terpijak coolen tersentak..langar wayar keyboard..keyboard tertarik and jatuh ats guitar tak sempat nak sambut..then guitar this really is a bad day for me..and hope that tonite will be much better and tommorow can be much much better than this just a memory..and ap dah jadi..dah jadi dah pon..i want to foget about this.. and start fresh tmorrow...  

"anything happens just keep smiling"

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