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Saturday, May 19, 2012

im just not good enough's so hard feeling this way....what to do..what to do..otoke! otoke!..ah ah ah...but i not that good? i could not make one girl happy for real...she maybe happy,but i know that happiness is not the true happiness.....can i make her happy? can i make her smile for no reason,? can i make her fall for me? evryday i pray  for strength to make me strong.....only time can tell the fingers are always crossed and hopeing that one day she will be mine.. =)

10 things i love about you

1) i love how i wake up evry morning and always see a "gud morning" text from you
2) i love how you always make me smile,with your nonsense and the sweet arguments we have because of nothing
3) i love how to call me with funny nicknames
4)i love when your soft hands touch my cheeks
5)i love it when you sing to me
6) i love to see your smile that shows your "lesung pipit"
7) i love it when you are so manja with me
8)i love when you always "teman" me when im doing my work or staying up late
9) i love it when you blush and laugh
10) i love evrything about that's because i really..really love you... =)

it all about the 3 word's's been so long since i bloged my im back again....but this very compilcated... it 's a feeling that i have long lost...the feeling of " being in LOVE"..i have been warned not to put all hope on it, because based on bad bad past time...but thats the risk i have and willing to take when im with her...i got no choice because my heart speaks louder then my brain...i really like this girl..i kinda love her with all my heart..but there is a problem where i may get her outside but i cant get her heart...haisssssssss............. it makes my head think a lot... will i ever get her to love me as i love her....or will i have to wait? if thats the case ill wait until i got no hope no more...pray for me k... ill always keep my fingers crossed.....