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Saturday, July 21, 2012

thank you... u really mean alot to me

sooo..dah masuk bulan ramadhan...n since the last 6 years...bulan puasa nie..alwys has a happy and sad time for me...b4 this ak selalu rindu arwah nenek n atuk...especially time2 ramadhan nie ak rindu atuk ak...coz still fresh in my bulan puasa la dia meniggal dunia...haiss..rindu dia sangat2..ak cuma mampu terima and sedekah al-fatihah je kat since the last 6 years..awal2 puasa nie.mmg terasa rindu kat dia...


that y i always make my self bussy during these times...and lucky for me..i have someone by my side to make sure im not to know who u are.and im really glad i have you in my life..u make me strong... =)

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