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Friday, August 31, 2012


the month of September or bulan 9 is just around the corner..esk..! yeay!...ive been waiting for a very special month for me...coz i really like september...23 is my lucky number..and this year is my 23rd b'day on the 23 of september...wuuhuuuu what a great number.hope this year it gives me lots of happyness.. so this is why u like septmber..

  1. it my birthday month and its my 23
  2. ive been lucky so far on september..something good alwys happens on this month ( really hope it stays that way)
  3. lastly is it been a while almost 2 month since i meet with that someone..and september has aways been a marker that is near..really finally get to meet that someone again...

thats for now...

**my september wish is that only one thing...the only thing that i want more then anything in the whole being with that special someone 

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