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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

stupid me

adehhh...gilo tol pala otak ak nie....thinking things that im not spose to think...but what can i hard not thinking of you...every day..every morning...every nite..every sec im thinking of you.....that y m really afraid of looseing you..coz i dont think i can do that....soo a few questions was ask and answered last nite...even ad yg jwpn still i did't get what i want...tapi there are certain2 improvement...the way kamo jwb tu can atlest make me smile..coz i can see that my effort is paying off and im doing the right thing...and i can see a bit of hope for me..n i really hope that this works out between us..soo ill keep this until my secret date and i hope ull be ready as i am ready... with all my heart... i LOVE YOU

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