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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a tear drop on a keyboard....

soo..have you ever felt that you love someone with all your's the best feeling right...but sometimes not everyone is's okyh...if you really love someone it's the feeling of seeing that person happy is what love is all i really love that someone..and for the past 5 days ive been trying to play a quite hard for my level...but for the past 5 day..i couldnt play it at all..sikit pon tak bole...then just now because of sumthing that happend..i tried and play it once more..hands are shaking...and this time i really played it with my heart...selamat jadi..and a single tear drop feel on my keyboard while i was playing...ironic right... i played that simple song for that special someone that i really love.. "as long as you love me"

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