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Thursday, August 23, 2012

much better when have my inspiration...

hehe..dlm hidup nie..kita nak wat ap2 pon kena ad ilham...dr mcm2 tempat ilham tu yg dok kat yg isap yg yg kena gi tempat yg ad sceane yg menarik..mcm2 my inspiration..bukan la tempat mahu pon inspiration adalah seseorg.....hehe..sapa?ad yg dah taw sapa..and ad yg tak tahu..but etheir way...she is my inspiration yg sgt2 membantu....i can skecth pictures because of her...i now can play music and abit confident to play to people ( wlpon blom depan2 and just utk dia sorg je) but still it's progress...i love to eat and cook...and dia ttp mnjadi ilham utk sy masak..doing things and cooking things yg dia pernah sebut..pernah cakap..trying new thing just to impress her..walaupoon tak reti nk masak sgt pon..but ill try my best..mcm2 da dibuat...apam polkadot...pavlova...kuih2..after this mcm2 lagi nk dibuat...hehe...cant wait...thank you becuse you inspire me so much..*you know who u are...

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