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Sunday, July 22, 2012

just like a movie...

pernah tak ad org tanya..knp suka kat seseorg tu..n ssh sgt nak jwb..sbb at that time kita tak tau pon knp kita suka org tu...i just happend kan....out of nowhere tiba2 perasaan tu datang that what happend to me.... jujur bercakap( or menulis) sy tak tau ms bila sy stat suka kat dia..i just happend one day...bila tiba..everything just happend...i falled far that heart skip a beat bila jumpa dia...OMG...i really like her....fuyoooo...i got nervous...tangan berpeluh...ssh nk ckp..muka merah..malu...but i tried to hold all that..simpan..maluu ouh kalu dia tau..but like i said..i hv no secrets with you..anything i do..ill tell..coz i dont want to hide anything from you..and at the end you gettign to know things from other people..thats bad..and thats not me... so back to the story..since i became close to life was like  a movie..everthing went so happy..perfect.. it something that i dont want to i hope that i can get the chance to keep falling for you over and over again as long as i know u...coz nothing will make me more happier than to be with you... 

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