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Sunday, June 30, 2013

the unwanted feeling been a hard day....mcm2 arie nie...perasaan like for these past days im just a nobody....tak penting bagi sapa2...always put second... its just i want to be mcm tak dihargai on ap yg telah dibuat.....its true not always you can be happy but i try my best atleat to try to be happy...... anything that has been said i bet tak de org dengar or ambik taw pon...who am i?? just a nobody...

i only have a few more weeks to spend time with the ones i love..after that blom taw lg ap yg akn terjadi...i was really hopeing that the time yg tinggal nie bole guna sebaik nya..i just wat to be happy...that all i ask..nothing more...but not everything you want you get....

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